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Creating your project on MacOSX

The next step is to create your stimulus project.

Creating your project

  • Launch Xcode and click its icon in the Dock.
  • Click File in the menu bar, and choose New project.
  • Select Application below Mac OS X in the left side of dialog window.
  • Select Psychlops C++ Application in the right box of dialog. You might need to scroll down in the box to find Psychlops option.
  • Decide the project's name and its location.

Managing your project

  • The source file (project name).cpp will be in Sources folder at the left side of the window.
  • When you click the .cpp file icon, then the source code will appear at right-bottom of the window.
  • To build and run the project, Click Build and Run icon in the toolbar, or press Command+R.
    • Then the sample program will be built and gray square will be present on your screen. Please push ESC key to close the sample program.

Now all the preparation steps have been finished. Your project is ready to build your own program.

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