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Installation on the MacOSX system

Confirm machine availability

In advance to the install of full package, we recommend to download and run Benchmark program to check machine availability. Completion of the benchmark suggests that the machine is available to run Psychlops programs.

Install C++ compiler and IDE

Option 1: Install from DVD

Install disc which was enclosed in Mac package usually includes Xcode installer. Contents of the install disc may vary among shipped date. A case of Mac OS X 10.5 will described in the following example. For 10.4, you must try this way because Apple Inc. already stopped Xcode distribution for 10.4.

  1. Prepare the install disc. Mac_InstallDisc.png
  2. Browse the disc: Open "Option Install", "Xcode Tools", and run the installer "XcodeTools.mpkg". Xcode_DVD_Screen_thumb.png

Option 2: Download from Apple Developers Connection

  1. Download Xcode for Mac Dev Center from Apple Developers Connection.
    1. You need to register Apple Developers Connection (free account).
  2. Open .dmg and run XcodeTools.mpkg to install.

Install Psychlops library

  1. Download latest version of Psychlops from
  2. Unzip package file.
  3. Run Psychlops' installer package.Psychlops_OSX2.png


  • Configure display driver for Vertical Synchronization if the machine required it.
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