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Installation on the Windows system

Confirm machine availability

In advance to the install of full package, we recommend to download and run Benchmark? program to check machine availability. Completion of the benchmark suggests that the machine is available to run Psychlops programs.

Install C++ compiler and IDE

This instruction recommends to install CodeBlocks 8.02 MinGW. If you want to use other compilers or IDE, please see Requirements specification.

  1. Download CodeBlocks 8.02 from SourceForge site
  2. Execute installer program.

Install Psychlops library

  1. Download latest version of Psychlops from
  2. Unzip package file.
  3. To install Psychlops library, execute PsychlopsFramework_Win32_x.x.x.x.exe (administrator authorization required)
  4. To install CodeBlocks extension for Psychlops, execute Psychlops_Codeblocks_Templatexxxx.exe (administrator authorization required)


  • Configure display driver to activate Vertical Synchronization (if available).
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